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student siwes logbook


The design & implementation of student SIWES logbook help the SWIES and departmental Coordinators to look over the activities carried out by the student at the industrial training.

The student’s industrial work experience scheme (SIWES) is a skills training programme designed to expose and prepare students of Universities, Polytechnics/Colleges of Technology/Colleges of Agriculture and Colleges of Education for the industrial work situation they are likely to meet after graduation.The scheme also affords students the chance of acquainting themselves with the needed experience.

Language Used: PHP


The system (student SIWES logbook) has (6) interfaces such as the student interface, industry-based supervisor interface, school-based supervisor interface, departmental coordinator interface, SIWES coordinator (SIWES unit) and the industrial training fund (ITF).

The general login interface is for all users, and the background carries a picture of undergraduate students. The admin logs in with his details (Username and password) which takes him to the Admin Home page

The student interface

The departmental coordinator registers the student and gives them login details which will enable the student to log with his/ her matric number. When the student successfully login, the system welcomes the student. The student interface has the following menu;


The student can enter his or her daily record. It continues and also for any day/week the student enters his activities and submits he cannot edit it anymore especially when it has been accessed by the industrial supervisor.

when the student submits the logbook it can be view by other units, then when the industrial base supervisor gives his/her comments it will be updated also. If the industrial base supervisor has not given his/her comment, then it will show “no comment yet”.

Placement information

The place of attachment form will be filed on or before the stipulated time of 4weeks after orientation after which if the student is unable to fill the placement information it becomes inactive. and if a student enters his placement information he can edit on or before the 4weeks time given after which he cannot edit.

Note: students can access the logbook when they submit the placement information.

Students can download the ITF forms, complete them in a printable format and submitted to the ITF office.

Industrial based supervisor

The industrial supervisor gets login credentials from the SIWES coordination. When the supervisor login he/she can view students and access the student logbook by commenting daily. He has the following in his interface:


Registration with the following information, full name, ID number, phone number, email, name of organization and rank are done by the industrial-based supervisor.


when the supervisor logged in he will be able to view student, view logbook and then grade the student at the end of the 6 months.

School-based supervisor

The School base supervisor applies for login credentials to the SIWES coordination. And if the application is accepted, login credentials will be sent via email to him/her to access the student. He has the following interface


The school-based supervisor must register with the following information, Full name, id number, department phone number, email, rank, name of the school.


The supervisor can log in with his ID, he is expected to visit the student 2 times after which he grades the student finally. once he submits his assessment it cannot be edited.

Departmental coordinator

The departmental supervisor applies for login credentials to the SIWES coordination. The department coordinator registers the student for IT. SIWES is compulsory for every student at 300level who met the requirements. The assessment can be done by the supervisors and then they finally grade the student.

SIWES coordinator

The SWIES coordinator can view student, View login credential application, view logbook, view supervisors and department coordinator assessment.

ITF officer

ITF officer view student, view logbook, View Form submitted by the student, view supervisors, and department coordinator assessment.

Below is how you can access the student SIWES logbook:-

You can access the admin page using the following details

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

Installation Guide

  1. Download xampp latest version.
  2. Extract the zip file(downloaded system) and put in the htdocs
  3. open xampp and start apache and MySQL
  4. go “localhost/phpmyadmin/” and create a database named “logbook”
  5. find the database file inside the folder and Import the database file name “logbook“.

Watch the video below for more information.

Download Code

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